DA&S Story

More than 20 years of successfull distribution

1993, Sept. Formation of DA&S by Axel Ollmann and Rainer Vinzent in Munich, Germany
Mylex distribution agreement
1994 Start of producing systems
1995 Build up of a sales partner network
1997 Outsourcing of production
1998 New products named DA&Sstore: High-end server and RAID enclosures
1999, Sep./Oct. Removal to Eichenau near Munich in a new and larger office
2000, July AMI distribution agreement
2000, September CMD RAID controller and SID FutureCase distribution agreement
2001, April Agreement with MicroWorld as Associate Partner
2002, March Booth at CeBIT together with MicroWorld
2002, December Removal to the new office in the technology region Karlsruhe, Germany
2003, March Accusys RAID controller distribution
2003, November DA&S starts selling Adaptec as Platinum Partner
2004, February New products: Remote management by Cyclades console servers and KVM
2004, May Internal and external RAID solutions by emeaRAID are sold under DA&Sstore label
2004, July CNet networking products
2005, May Firegate Sentry Security Appliances
2005, June Backup soltions of well.known manufacturers are sold under DA&Sstore label
2008, May DA&S is now official German language support (D-A-CH) for MicroWorld products
2009, April Cyberoam UTMs are now in our portefolio
2015, February Distribution of ViPNet VPN by Infotecs GmbH