Servers + Workstations

RackserverWorkstation flüsterleiseBesides complete,
to our customers needs, manufactured systems we supply systems based on Supermicro which you may configuer online.

Online Configurator

Supermicro RackserverNotes for Online Configurator


At this time the configurator is available only in German language.
You will be forwarded to the webpage of our partner.

At this webpage you have to login.

If this is your first visit to the configurator, you have to request new access (Neuzugang beantragen).
Please use your customer no. with us if possible.
After your request you will get unlocked by us.

In configurator you may configuer workstations as well as servers and directly order them

Call Online Configurator

UTMs and others

CyberoamTo protect your LAN against threads from internet we provide Cyberoam UTMs / Security Appliances and VPN router
Cyberoam UTMs

For remote service/conrol we offer Console Servers, KVMs and accessories of a wide range of companies.

It is a pleasure for us to assist you.